Korevit strategically addresses expense and receipt tracking with an iPad and iPhone app designed for efficiency and simplicity. The visual design emphasizes professionalism and accessibility, ensuring users can easily manage employee spending. The user experience streamlines expense tracking processes, allowing managers to effortlessly oversee and process spending. The strategic role of Korevit in facilitating efficient expense management is embodied in the user-centric design, creating a tool that seamlessly integrates into the workflow of managers and employees alike.


Aritzia + Argus strategically expands Aritzia's offerings with Argus, an in-house brand catering to the male silhouette. The visual design aligns seamlessly with Aritzia's established aesthetic, ensuring a cohesive brand experience. The user experience is designed to create a seamless shopping journey, effortlessly guiding users through a selection of premium sports and business apparel. The strategic integration of Argus complements Aritzia's existing offerings, diversifying the brand's appeal while maintaining its commitment to affordable fashion.


Amberx positions itself at the forefront of wearable technology innovation with the introduction of Calescent, the pioneering heated and smart gloves. The iPhone app, designed to accompany these gloves, represents a fusion of elegance and functionality. Its visual design thoughtfully incorporates warm and inviting tones, cultivating an emotional connection with users. Within this aesthetic, the strategic integration of an NFC chip not only aligns with the growing trend of contactless transactions but also positions Amberx at the intersection of fashion and technology.

Ontario Creates

The Ontario Creates Box strategically taps into the desire for artistic exploration and skill development through a monthly loot crate. This offering is designed to create a sense of anticipation and community engagement. The visual design, vibrant and inclusive, embodies the diversity of artistic styles featured in the box. The user experience is crafted to guide participants through the creative process, emphasizing the joy of discovery and the communal aspect of learning art in various styles.


Phoenix serves as a transformative lifeline for distressed and temporarily homeless individuals, providing a visually warm and empathetic interface. The platform strategically connects users with local social workers, fostering a supportive community, while also offering micro-skills training for enhanced employability. Through a carefully chosen color palette and imagery, Phoenix creates a positive and hopeful emotional experience, aligning with its mission to uplift and empower. Thoughtful use of white space ensures a clear visual hierarchy, guiding users through the multifaceted resources with ease. In its design and functionality, Phoenix is strategically crafted not just as an immediate support system but as a comprehensive tool for long-term resilience and positive change.

Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire Kiosks strategically enhance the in-store shopping experience by providing personalized interactions through QR code logins. The visual design emphasizes clarity and efficiency, contributing to an inviting shopping environment. The user experience is thoughtfully curated for a personalized journey, with intuitive navigation enhancing the overall shopping experience. The strategic integration of QR code technology not only streamlines the purchase process but also aligns with the broader trend of digitizing retail experiences.


Kali takes a strategic approach to women's health by seamlessly integrating basic vitals with machine learning models for comprehensive menstrual cycle tracking. The visual design of Kali is carefully curated to resonate with its target audience, employing soft color palettes and imagery that fosters a sense of calm and empowerment. The strategic use of AI and machine learning models positions Kali as a forward-thinking solution, empowering users not only to track their cycles but also to anticipate symptoms and understand their health patterns more comprehensively.